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Marine Insurance Claims


Do I have a separate deductible for hurricanes?

There may be a separate deductible to cover damages to your vessel caused by a hurricane. This deductible varies by state and depends on the classification of the storm when it is officially declared.

What is the difference between a boat policy and a yacht policy?

Generally, the distinction between a boat policy and a yacht policy is determined by the size of the vessel. Boat policies are written for vessels that are less than 26 feet long and yacht policies are written for vessels that are 27 feet long or more. Exceptions may apply and will be determined by our sales and client services department.

Are my personal effects covered by my boat or yacht policy?

Coverage for your personal effects depends on the type of policy you have. For yacht policies, your personal effects are covered subject to certain limitations and a special deductible. Boat policies generally do not provide personal effects coverage, but can provide coverage for these items by endorsement. Our sales and client services department will assist you in finding the coverage to best suit your needs and budget.