Claims Frequent Questions

Home Insurance Claims

Reporting a Claim

When would a representative be out to view my home?

Your file handler will contact you and will let you know if we will send a representative, typically an adjuster, to your home. The adjuster will contact you to schedule the appointment.

What do I need to do if I have a theft to my home?

Your policy requires that you contact the police and file a police report.

What are my responsibilities after a loss?

Your responsibilities will differ depending on your claim situation. Most importantly, you are required to notify us promptly if you have a claim, you must protect your property from further damage, allow us the opportunity to inspect the damaged property and cooperate with us in our evaluation and investigation of your claim. Additional information can be found in the section of your policy labeled "Duties After Loss."

What kinds of records are needed to substantiate a homeowner claim?

The better your records are, the quicker and more accurate your settlement can be. Photos, purchase receipts on newly acquired items and appraisals on unique property will assist. A photo inventory of the inside and outside of your home is an excellent way to properly and completely account for your property. Remember to store the photos in a safe place away from home.


What should I do if my home is not livable after a loss?

Immediately contact Amica to report your claim. Additional living expenses​ are provided for covered losses. We can assist you in finding temporary housing if needed. More information can be found in your policy regarding these coverages.

What happens if more damage is found after Amica views my home or after a claim is closed?

Call Amica immediately. Depending on the nature and extent of the additional damage, we may need to re-inspect before repairs are made. Supplemental payments​ may be issued if coverage applies.

Personal Property

How will I be compensated for a covered personal property loss?

The standard homeowners policy covers your personal property at actual cash value​, meaning your personal property settlement will be depreciated​ based on the current age and condition of each item. Replacement cost coverage​ can be purchased through a separate endorsement​. This endorsement will provide full replacement cost coverage for most of your personal property. Some property, such as jewelry, stamps, coins, guns and silverware, has special limits​ specified in your policy. You may be able to purchase a scheduled personal property​ endorsement on certain valuable items in order to be more fully covered.

How am I covered if items are stolen from my vehicle?

If the stolen item(s) are permanently installed in the vehicle and you have purchased comprehensive (OTC) coverage, the loss is covered under your auto policy. However, if the property is something that you put in your vehicle, such as a laptop computer, GPS or golf clubs, the theft of these items is not covered under your auto policy. These items are usually covered under a homeowners or tenants policy, with certain restrictions.