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Home Insurance Claims


Does my policy include fraud coverage?

The standard policy will pay up to $500 for loss due to the theft of a credit card or unauthorized use of a bank card.

Does my policy include flood coverage?

No, but flood coverage is recommended if you live in a flood zone. Please call our sales and client services department at 800–242–6422 for further assistance.

Is identity theft covered?

Yes, if you carry the Identity Theft endorsement. Please review your policy or contact Amica to discuss this coverage further.

What is the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost?

Actual cash value​ is replacement cost​ less depreciation​.

We added an addition to our home. Are we insured for it?

Yes, it would be covered just like any other room in your home. However, you should notify Amica whenever substantial changes are made to your home to ensure adequate coverage. This will also ensure that you are in compliance with the provisions of your policy.

We have a shed in our yard. Is it covered?

Yes, sheds and other detached structures are covered by your homeowners policy. The limit for these items is typically 10% of the limit on your dwelling. If you have larger outbuildings or detached structures on your property, you might want to consider purchasing additional coverage.

Someone was hurt on my property, what should I do?

First, call emergency services if needed. Then, contact Amica as soon as possible. We investigate all potential injury claims and will explain our findings and conclusions promptly.

If my home was damaged during a robbery, is the damage covered?

Yes, theft is a covered peril​ and any related damages to your home would be considered for coverage.

My car was located in my garage and a fire destroyed it. Am I covered under my homeowners policy?

Your homeowners policy does not cover vehicles that are required to be registered for use on public roads. If you carry other than collision​ coverage on your auto policy, then the damage to your vehicle would be covered by your auto policy.

What should I do if I receive legal documents, such as a summons and complaint?

If you receive a summons and complaint​ or other legal documentation regarding a homeowner loss, please contact Amica immediately for further assistance as responding to these documents is time sensitive.